Sissy Hypnosis
"Cocksucking Sissy" Hypno MP3 (New and Improved!)

Cocksucking Sissy

One of the first erotic hypnosis audio files I ever made was called “Cocksucking Sissy,” and the topic matter is pretty self-explanatory. But just in case you aren’t sure, it was an erotic hypnosis MP3 that programmed the listener into becoming a effeminate cocksucking slut. If the listener was already an effeminate cocksucking slut, then the condition was intensified.

I have since stopped selling the original “Cocksucking Sissy,” because my techniques in hypnosis (and audio recording) have much improved since those beginning days. By now, I am SO GOOD at cocksucking hypnosis, that I simply had to make a new MP3 with that specific focus. Even the original “Cocksucking Sissy” was a consistent best-seller, and since that initial release, I’ve done hundreds (if not thousands) of one-on-one cocksucking hypnosis sessions via Niteflirt.

So now I bring you a brand new version of the same concept. Much better, and more effective, than before, here is the NEW “Cocksucking Sissy,” for all boyz and gurlz who feel that the empty void of your mouth needs to be filled with something more meaningful. Crave cock like never before, and actively seek cocks to suck in real life with the power of hypnosis. Includes a cocksucking fantasy, where you are used by a few different men, and then forced to diddle until you make squirties in front of everyone!

Includes: femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, mind control, forced bi, forced cocksucking, cocksucking fetish, fellatio, feminization, sissification, forced feminization, forced sissification, cocksucking hypnosis, forced exhibitionism, bukake. 39:04 minutes for $34.99.

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:
Niteflirt - Clippette

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